When should I start performing CPR?

If patient is unconscious (Does not respond to shaking or calling his name), look for breathing or only gasps. If not breathing call for help and start compressing his chest to a depth of 5cm. Beaty will help you in providing effective chest compressions.

What does CPR do?

When heart stops from beating, blood flow to the brain and vital organs ceases. Within 4 minutes the damage to the brain is irreversible. Effective CPR allows blood flow to the brain, preventing permanent damage. CPR can triple chances of survival.

When should I use Beaty?

Beaty should be used in every case where CPR is indicated. As gauging the exact compression depth is almost impossible, Beaty will help you by providing real time audible feedback when applying adequate force during chest compressions.

Do I have to be well trained before using Beaty?

Beaty was designed to be very intuitive so every person will be able to use it in case of medical emergency. A sketch on top of the device will guide you where to place it. After locating the device between your palms and patient’s chest- start compressing until feedback is heard. The sound provided by the device means you are compressing effectively.

What about ventilation? Is it unnecessary?

Based on extensive research, the current CPR guidelines put emphasize on effective chest compressions. If you are trained and feel safe with ventilating the patient, combination of chest compressions and ventilation is recommended at a rate of 30 compressions followed by 2 rescue breaths. For untrained rescuers or in case you don’t feel safe or comfortable with ventilating the patient- chest compressions only CPR is recommended (Based on similar survival rates with either "Hands only" CPR or CPR with both chest compressions and mouth to mouth ventilation)

What is the recommended compression rate?

The recommended compression rate is 100-120 per min. This can be estimated by following the rhythm of the song “Stayin’ alive/Bee Gees”. It is important to pay attention that pushing fast does not result in shallower depth.

How about other parameters not provided by the device (Rate, chest recoil etc.)?

Effective CPR is composed from several parameters and not only compressions depth. It is important to understand though, that medical emergencies are very stressful (especially when it comes to our beloved ones). Too much information provided by feedback device, during real time CPR, can confuse lay rescuers and result in ineffective CPR. The major gap nowadays is in estimating compression depth (rate can be estimated using other means) and many studies show suboptimal compression depth, even among professionals. Beaty provides effective, simple and affordable solution and was confirmed in experiments for effectiveness and usability that were conducted by our team of doctors and engineers.

Does the use of Beaty replace AED?

NO! An AED is always recommended as part of CPR and is necessary when cardiac arrest is due to an arrhythmia. Beaty should be used in combination with AED- Chest compressions should be made before and after the use of AED, regardless it’s action (shock advice). It should be noted that recent studies showed better survival rates following cardiac arrest due to arrhythmia, when effective chest compressions were made before and after defibrillation.

Can Beaty be used on children?

Beaty is allowed for use on patients above age of 8.

What if during CPR, ribs are fractured?

It is important to understand that deeper compressions increase survival rate. During effective CPR, skeletal injuries may happen but none of them is fatal. Rib fractures are acceptable alternative for death due to cardiac arrest. As mentioned earlier, Beaty is set to provide feedback according to recommended CPR guidelines.

What if no sound is heard when using Beaty?

If no sound is heard, this can be due to several reasons. For more information follow instructions provided in page 13; section5). If using Beaty delays or interrupts with effective CPR- continue CPR without the device. We make significant efforts to provide the best product and encourage users to Inform us of any malfunction or inconvenience caused by the use of the device.