When Sudden Cardiac Arrest strikes, time is a critical factor as immediate action can dramatically increase the chance of survival. Bystanders are often the first to encounter a cardiac arrest victim. Worldwide efforts are being made to educate and train the general public for early response including initiating quality CPR.
However, studies have shown there is a gap between the number of people who can perform CPR and those who will actually perform it when there is a cardiac emergency. The fact is, 70% of Americans who encounter a cardiac emergency will feel helpless to act.
Medical Feedback Technologies has focused on the first steps of the “chain of survival” by introducing BEATY to the public at large. BEATY has been developed to help bystanders and those people without medical knowledge to competently perform CPR. The feedback provided by this device allows real-time adjustments of the applied force during chest compressions, to achieve the recommended force that will effectively compress the victim’s heart and provide sufficient blood flow to the brain, heart, and other vital organs. This will increase the chance for survival and physiological outcomes for the victims, as well as providing a sense of capability for the rescuers.
Emerging needs:
  • As stated by the AHA, gauging the depth is very difficult for professionals and almost impossible for bystanders and lay rescuers who are almost always the first to react.
The Beaty Solution:
  • Beaty is a CPR feedback device that tells you when you effectively compress the victim’s chest thus providing enough oxygen to their brain.