Trying to remain calm, Samantha ran to the next room and found Dylan, her roommate’s boyfriend, unconscious on the floor. Samantha called 911 and a few seconds later Dylan’s breathing stopped, leading to cardiac arrest. The 911 operator asked Samantha if she knew CPR…

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about the rescue is how I hadn't thought about how to do CPR...


The problem

88% of sudden cardiac arrests happen at home. Within approximately 4 minutes, the damage to the brain is irreversible. Immediate initiation of chest compressions, reaching a depth of 5 cm can prevent irreversible damage and triple chances of survival.

Emerging needs

As stated by the AHA, gauging the depth is very difficult for professionals and almost impossible for bystanders and lay rescuers who are almost always the first to react.

Our solution

Beaty is a CPR feedback device that tells you when you effectively compress the victim’s chest thus providing enough oxygen to their brain

Just take a look...